Principles of Responsible Crime Watch

  • Be alert and pay attention your neighborhood surroundings.
  • Know your neighbors and watch out for each other.
  • Be familiar with your neighbors’ cars (make, color)
  • Record neighbors’ names, telephone numbers, and license plate numbers

Activities we should be on the lookout for…

  • Someone looking in windows of houses and parked cars
  • Suspicion that property is being taken out of houses into awaiting cars or trucks by people who are not the homeowner.
  • Cars, vans, or trucks moving slowly through the neighborhood, with no apparent destination.
  • People believed to be strangers sitting in cars or stopping for no apparent reason.

Be watchful for…

  • Sound of home alarms, indicating an intrusion has taken place.
  • People traveling door-to-door, especially if one person stays out front while the other goes to the back side of the house.
  • People coming and going to a particular residence at all hours of the day or night.
  • Vehicles driving down the neighborhood streets at night without headlights.
  • Abandoned cars or trucks.
  • Unknown people appearing to be loitering in front of houses or running through the neighborhood without the right jogging clothes.
  • Unknown people sitting in parked vehicles for extended periods of time.
  • People doing business from a parked vehicle.
  • Any signs of forced entry, such as open doors and broken windows or people attempting forced entry.
  • People collecting items or goods in and around neighbor’s property (people may be storing stolen property in plain sight in your neighborhood.)
  • Excessive and unusual noises coming from residences such as dogs barking or home alarms.

How should incidents be reported?

  • Call 911 or the Palm Bay Police at 952-3456
  • Give your name and address, describe the incident
  • Describe the suspect: sex, race, hair color, clothing, approximate age, height, weight, and distinctive characteristics if any.
  • If your nearby neighbors is targeted, call your neighbor by phone, or if available, send a text message to neighbor’s cell phone.
  • Send an email to the Turkey Creek crime watch coordinator describing the incident.

Functions performed by Crime Watch Coordinator

  • Record all suspicious activities reported by residents.
  • Make reports in the website blog and encourage discussion
  • Follow-up liaison if necessary, with Palm Bay Police Department after initial investigation.
  • Develop relationship with key Palm Bay Officers.
  • Post Neighborhood Crime Watch signs in key locations.
  • Inform new neighbors about the program.
  • Promote installation of intrusion alarm systems.

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