Hello Neighbors,

One of the topics raised at the Annual Meeting was Halloween in Turkey Creek, with many residents expressing unhappiness about how a fun and exciting annual event for kids has become a massive headache, complete with vandalism and other crime.

The Board has taken suggestions from several residents over the past year about what to do about this. It was decided at the Annual Meeting to send out a questionnaire, or poll, with several options of how to change our plans for Halloween in 2013 and beyond, incorporating our neighbors’ suggestions, with a view toward developing a neighborhood strategy for Halloween.

We understand that we can’t force our neighbors to participate in any particular strategy (and we wouldn’t want to), but the consensus at the Annual Meeting was that if we don’t make some changes, things will simply get worse every year.

So, please be on the lookout for the questionnaire. Board Vice President Marilyn Howard is in the process of writing it, and she’d welcome your input (marilena@cfl.rr.com). Once the Board reaches consensus on the questionnaire, we’ll be distributing it via the website and email.

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